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With Planet of the Apes slot by NetEnt, the entire movie franchise is showcased on the reels for the players, offering them a dual-screen experience that will bring them the feelings of being in the middle of the fight between apes or humans. The slot is equipped with a multifaceted mechanics and immersive features so that you will be guaranteed an adventure of lifetime in terms of excitement and rewards.

The Return to Player (RTP) parameter offered by Planet of the Apes is impressive and sits at around 96.33%, meaning that players have a high chance of incurring wins in the long run. Its level of volatility is in the medium range, which promises the players a chance to get regular payouts as well as a higher chance to land a massive win.

  1. Dual Reels: One unique feature of “Planet of the Apes” is its dual reels system, where players effectively get two games in one. This adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.
  2. Theme and Graphics: The game is based on the iconic “Planet of the Apes” movie franchise, offering stunning visuals and immersive sound effects that capture the atmosphere of the films.
  3. Bonus Features: “Planet of the Apes” is packed with bonus features, including wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and various bonus rounds. These features keep the gameplay dynamic and offer ample opportunities for big wins.
  4. Linked Reels: Another interesting feature is the Linked Reels, where adjacent reels can become linked and display the same symbols, increasing the chances of landing winning combinations.
  5. Mobile Compatibility: NetEnt ensures that its games are fully optimized for mobile play, allowing players to enjoy “Planet of the Apes” on smartphones and tablets without sacrificing quality or gameplay features.
  6. High RTP: The game typically offers a high return-to-player (RTP) percentage, meaning that, on average, players can expect a relatively high proportion of their wagers to be returned as winnings over time.
  1. Complexity: The dual reels system and numerous bonus features may be overwhelming for some players, especially those who prefer simpler slot games. Beginners may find it challenging to grasp all the mechanics quickly.
  2. High Volatility: “Planet of the Apes” tends to have high volatility, meaning that wins can be less frequent but potentially larger. This could lead to longer losing streaks, which may frustrate some players.
  3. Limited Availability: Depending on your location and the online casino you’re playing at, “Planet of the Apes” may not be available in certain jurisdictions or on certain platforms, limiting accessibility for some players.
  4. Age of the Game: As with any licensed slot based on a specific movie franchise, “Planet of the Apes” may appeal more to fans of the films. Players less familiar with the franchise may not fully appreciate the theme.
  5. Addictive Nature: Like all gambling games, there’s a risk of addiction associated with playing “Planet of the Apes” or any other slot game. Players should be cautious and set limits on their gaming activity to avoid negative consequences.
  6. Minimum Bet Requirements: Due to its features and mechanics, the game may have a higher minimum bet requirement compared to simpler slot games, which could deter players with smaller budgets.

The game Planet of the Apes is easy to play, solving a little puzzle on the top screen and a large one on the bottom despite its dual-screen setup. The bet sizes can be selected using the coin value and level buttons respectively once the players have determined them. Lastly, when the reels are triggered, they spin. The gameplay is in a format whereby each screen stands apart and runs independently, with the pay lines and different features changing from screen to screen to reflect the corresponding movie.

The Planet of the Apes game has numerous add-ons such as the bonuses and boosters that make the game more attractive to players. Two-for-One Award is a result of the second screen selection after the spin. Any lucky enough to get a sign from either screen will start with a big win. Aside from that, extra game functions are provided such as Rise Free Spins, Dawn Free Spins, and Stacked Wild feature, which are all set to provide a peculiar playing mode at the same time there are opportunities to get big rewards.

The Player will find himself awarded the Rise or Dawn Free Spins depending on the screens after landing three or more Scatter symbols. Both of these features will be activated. While free spins, different improvements, like increasing the amount of Wilds and multipliers, are getting put on, the chances for big payouts start becoming even higher.

The popularity of Planet of the Apes amongst the players in Ireland may be attributed to the an thrilling theme, creative gameplay, and excellent reward system to the players. It is most likely the main option of numerous prominent online casinos that are acknowledged for their quality of service, professionalism, and reliability among players from Ireland.

The Planet of the Apes gameplay is highly dynamic and immersive, with many mini-games and real-world animations. Legends about linguistic diversity and a technological gap all stress the potential issues of globalization. The tune and sound effects are well-tailored to the topic, making the cut scene a thrill-perceptive hair-raising one that escalates the tension further. Whether it is the sound of the apes to the sound effects or the thundering orchestral score, each and every bit of the audio-visual effect of the game create the feel of the atmosphere from the game that also make it much exciting.

That makes the game Planet of the Apes of NetEnt a memorable adrenaline ride, where they can enjoy all the thrills of unique bonus features, as well as a fabulous way it is presented to the players. Not only Apes Planet fans but just the high-end slots enthusiast, you will be jumping to another dimension of online gaming Epic or not.

The original film, Planet of the Apes, was based on the work of Pierre Boulle, a French novelist.

Written by a Blacklisted Screenwriter – Michael Wilson, who was blacklisted by the Hollywood film industry during the era of McCarthyism for being a communist

A class Actors of the Reboot included – James Franco, John Lithgow, Gary Oldman, and Jason Clarke

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